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Computer Specifications / Requirements
  • NEW: UltraVideo Now Supports Windows Vista - Business Edition!!!
  • Windows XP-PRO is also supported. Call for other operating systems.
  • Computers must be Pentium class at minimum, a Pentium III class or better is preferred. 32 MB RAM or better, 64MB or more is preferred.
  • 1GB available hard drive space is preferred. Less will work well, but there may be lower performance as available hard drive space decreases.
  • Dot matrix printers may be used for receipts, but a Ink Jet or Laser printer is required for printing reports.
  • UltraVideo supports all common POS receipt printers, cash drawers, and bar code scanners.

UltraVideo is the latest in video store technology

The easiest to use Windows software available.
There is NO MOUSE needed for normal transactions. In fact, a rental transaction is complete in LESS THAN TEN seconds! Return it in THREE seconds!
UltraVideo has the best security features available.
Use our unique Photo ID system to positively identify your customers. Control rentals of rated movies and games to children, or even access to your store! It's SO EASY to use, you'll actually use it!
UltraVideo has the reporting flexibility today's video stores need!
Seagate Crystal Reports: UltraVideo has over 100 built in reports!  Ask for customized reports, or get Seagate Crystal Reports to create your own. Export all reports to Microsoft Excel. E-mail, Fax, or ODBC.
UltraVideo has enough power to run a whole city!
Powerful Database technology will handle 16 million records per file and can store 1.25 million pictures an a hard disk of only 70 GB!
UltraVideo is true 32 bit software!
Written in Visual C++, the same language Windows itself is written in, UltraVideo offers all the performance and features that Windows and the new high performance PC's have to offer.
Call today: 800-726-7727 or 251-965-6085