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Our BEST VALUE Video Rental Computer System *

UltraVideo Software and Great Lakes Electronic Distributors (GLED) have designed a Point of Sale (POS) computer system that meets all of the criteria needed for Video Rental Businesses. In fact, UltraVideo's 20 years of experience designing these systems, and GLED's expertise in building, shipping, and supporting POS computers, has resulted in a powerful yet affordable "Best Value " to your computer requirements.

This system has state of the art components that do not cut any performance corners, yet do not include options that will unnecessarily inflate the cost of the system either. You will notice for example, that we use SATA-II hard drives that feature some of the fastest access speeds available, Gigabit Ethernet components, and other strategic enhancements; all of which do add to the bottom line but also give you a really big bang for the buck.

Main boards

These computer systems have Dual Core Intel processors and INTEL main boards. This is not just the chipset either, but the entire main board. This insures that your system is based on one of the best brand names we can offer, which will result in a level of quality control that usually is not offered by discount manufacturers.

The POS Workstation :

  • Intel D945GTPLKR Main board. featuring; UDMA100, Serial ATA-300 (Raid), Gigabit Ethernet, and Firewire.
  • Intel Dual Core Pentium D CPU - 2.66 Ghz with 2 MB L2 AT Cache.
  • 512 MB PC2-4200 DDR2 RAM Memory (supports up to 4 GB RAM)
  • 120 GB SATA-II/300 8MB 7200RPM Hard Drive.
  • DVD-+RW CD/DVD Drive
  • Integrated Intel 950 Video, 8 Channel Audio, Firewire, and 8 USB 2.0 Ports.
  • 1 Serial Port, 1 Parallel Port, 1 Parallel ATA IDE Interface.
  • Microsoft Basic PS2 Black Keyboard and Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse.
  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2 Operating System.
  • 2 Year Adv Parts Warranty (on site warranties available).

Peripherals (Included with each POS workstation):

  • NEC - 17 Inch LCD Monitors, Black.
  • Metro Logic - Voyager Handheld Laser Barcode Scanners with Stand.
  • Logic Controls -Customer Pole Displays.
  • Epson -TM-U220 Impact Receipt Printers (Thermal models available).
  • MMF -19 X 15 Electronic Cash Drawers.
  • Logic Controls - 2 Track Magnetic Stripe Readers.
  • Logitech -Quick Cam Video Capture and Web Cameras.
  • TripLite -350va Battery Backup Power Supplies (UPS).
  • All required peripheral cables, including 10' Category 6 Network Patch Cable.

Peripherals (one per system):

  • HP LaserJet 1320N, 22 page per minute Laser Printer with Network Interface.
  • 10 Pak Epson Receipt Printer Ribbons and 50 Rolls 1 Ply Receipt Paper.
  • CNet CGS800E 8 Port Gigabit Network Switch.
  • CNet CNIG914 Internet Broadband Gateway Router (wireless available).
  • All Required Cabling.

Delivery and Setup:

  • This entire system is drop shipped directly from the manufacturer via UPS.
  • Complete setup instructions included with telephone support from UltraVideo.
  • * Pricing and individual components are subject to change. UltraVideo Software purchased separately.

Here is what it looks like:

What you have here are three complete POS computers of equal design. POS 2 and 3 will read and write UltraVideo data from POS 1, but otherwise they are exactly the same. The benefit of this is that if POS 1 were ever to develop problems, POS 2 or 3 could become the server while POS 1 is dealt with off line. With this triple redundancy, you should never experience any situation where you would be "down" due to technical difficulties. A dedicated server is not required unless you are going to exceed 5 POS workstations.

The Giga Switch will transfer data between POS workstations at 1000 megabits per second, offering the highest performance available for this type of system. Most other systems like this have only a 100 Mbps speed. A switch is used to physically separate the POS computers from the Internet. The switch can handle up to three additional workstations or network enabled devices such as a remote food preparation printer, fax, or color printer. Two additional computers, such as an office or portable computer can be attached to the router as well, without interfering with the POS system.

All computers will have fire walled access to the Internet and the ability to log into each workstation from a remote location, should you want to perform tasks for your clerks from home, or have tech support personnel do training or help with a problem. The HP LaserJet Printer is also available to all workstations for report printing. If you open an X-Charge merchant account, all POS stations are ready to process credit card transactions over the internet with a 5 - 10 second approval time.

Technical support on the POS computers and peripherals is provided by GLED from their facility in Buffalo, NY. This means that if you require help, your service call will be answered by an American in Buffalo, not from an outsourced telesupport center in India. Anyone who has experienced the other kind of support will tell you that this is the best feature of all. More than that, the close relationship between UltraVideo Software and GLED means that you will never get "caught in the middle" where the computer manufacturer and software vendors are pointing fingers at each other. In that unlikely event, UltraVideo and GLED will always cooperate to resolve any issues that could arise.

That we have pre designed and made this system available to you direct from the manufacturer is just another example of how UltraVideo Software goes the extra mile to insure that you get the best possible personalized support available in the industry. We believe you will find that this attitude of excellence is to be found in all of your business dealings with UltraVideo Software, even many years after the sale.

For assistance in configuring your new system, call 251-965-6085.

Custom configure your system on-line and get a printable quote here....

* System design as of September 2006. Configuration subject to change.