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Customer Information Screen

Know Your Customer At A Glance!

Insuring that you know who you are renting to is the primary task of a video management computer system. That is why we devote an entire screen to identifying the customer. This screen is designed to give you and your clerks all the necessary information about your customer before proceeding to check-out. The layout of the screen is orderly and easy to read.

This customer as seen above is a new customer, doesnt have anything checked out, and owes no money. You can tell that they are who they say they are because you are looking right at the picture you took when they opened the account. In most cases, this is what you will see, so you can just press [Enter] to proceed to the check-out screen.

The power of this screen is seen when there has been rental activity that needs to be reviewed before you would want to rent to them. Lets contrast the above screen to the one below:

Now, this is quite different. The first thing you'll notice is that Sandy owes $31.50. You can also see immediately that these charges are for 3 rentals that haven't been returned yet. You can tell because of the numbers next to the History and Returns tabs. The number 3 next to History shows that there are 3 items that make up the total charge. The number 3 next to Returns shows that Sandy still has 3 rental items checked out.

Ok, so this is a pretty big charge. Does Sandy deserve a break? Lets take a quick look at the statistics window on the right of the screen We can see by looking at the First and Last visit that she hasn't been a customer for very long. She has been in the store a total of five times (actions), but her only rental activity was for these 3 rental items: for a total cost of $10.50. Because these late charges were from her first and only rental, she should probably not get any break on these fees. If, on the other hand she had 50 rentals in a period of one year, it would show than she was a pretty good customer, and might deserve a break on some of the charges, or an opportunity to pay over time.

Most of the time a customer knows about the late charges already, and does not care to know the details of the charges. For this reason, UltraVideo does not clutter up the screen with information that is not needed the majority of the time. When told about a $4.00 late fee, for example, they may say: "I know" or "Ok". In this case the clerk just needs to press [Enter] and proceed with the check-out. The fees will automatically be carried over to the receipt.

But Sandy asks: Why do I owe the $31.50? All the clerk has to do is press the [Right Arrow] on the keyboard to bring the History tab to the front.

Notice that all the details are clearly displayed (along with some other features) so that the customer can be quickly informed as to the reasons for the charges. Also notice that only the top 3/4 of the screen changes when moving between tabs. This allows the full functionality of the main buttons to remain in place. Thus, when finished explaining the charges to Sandy, the clerk just presses [Enter] to proceed to the Check-Out screen.

Highlighting an individual line item then double clicking on it (or press the Details button) will display details of each rental transaction.

Here you can see the date and time rented, due and returned. You can also see that Sandy paid $3.50 for the rental and the original price was not discounted. You can also see that this rental item had since rung up a $10.50 late charge, none of which has been paid so far. Press [Esc] to go back to the History page.

To truly know your customer is to a rental store, like planting a seed is to a farmer. You reap what you sow" -Mr. Lee 1996