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Typical Transaction
Click on screens for detailed description.

<- Everything begins and ends here.

The background can be changed to show your own logo if desired. Pressing ESC from anywhere in the program will return here for fast check-out no matter what else you are doing.

The first step in a rental transaction is to find the customer you want to rent to. Please set aside your mouse. To start a transaction, just press [ENTER].
Simply start typing the last name of the customer (you can also scan a customer bar code). The display will position itself to the closest match. Then you may use the up/down arrows to position the bar to the desired customer, then...
Just press [ENTER].
Click here to see all the different ways to find a customer and all the ways to prevent new customer duplicates!
Everything you need to know about your customer is located here.
The customer information is easy to look at, but layered in tabs so you'll find all the options needed to completely review and manage your customers account, billing, reservations, history, returns, corenters and more! To check out items...
Just press [ENTER].
Click here to see all the easy ways to access customer account details, transaction history, corenter information, and more!
You can now type or scan item codes for rental or sales, up to 99 items per receipt. Prices are automatically entered, but your clerks have full (or restricted) control over late fees, rental deals, credits, deposits and much more! To finish the receipt...
Just press [ENTER].
The optional payment dialog reviews your transaction and provides payment options including payment types, on account for deferred payment of late and rental charges, and amount tendered. Type in the amount tendered and...
Just press [ENTER].
UltraVideo will now return to the main menu, ready for your next transaction.
Gee; did we use a mouse for any of that? Nope.