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UltraVideo comes standard with over 100 reports included.
UltraVideo uses Seagate Crystal Reports, an extremely powerful report generator, to work seamlessly with Windows printers and fonts to to display clean and sharp report output.
Below is a partial listing of available reports. If you don't see what you are looking for, please call. If we don't already have it, we can probably make it available for you.
Accessory Inventory
Archive By Customer
Archive By Film
Archive Report By Customer Range
Avery 1/3 Sleeve Box Insert
Billing Account Summary 1
Category (Genre) Performance
Category Performance
Category Performance By Date Range
Collections Summary
Customer List
Customer ID Dump
Customer Account Summaries With Customer Select Di
Customer Summaries With Dialog and Creditcard
Customer List
Customer Account Balance
Customer List
Customer List By Name
Daily Sales & Profit Report
Deleted Films
Detailed Receipt Summary By Date
Discounts By Date Range
Employee Statistics
EOD Discount Report
EOD Purchase Summaries
EOD Summary Statistics
Film Label
Film List By Title
Film List By Code Range
Film Performance
Film Statistics Setup
Film Title Performance
Films By Category
Films Checked Out By Title
Films Out, Due Today, Overdue
Films Return On Investment
Hourly Dollar Volume
Individual Item Performance by Date
Invoice #3 Final Notice
Invoice #2 >Past Due
Invoice Statement #1
Invoice Statement #2
Invoice Statement #3
Label- 1 Ea- BC-Range Entry- 3XFont
Label- 1 Each- Range Entry- 3XFont
Label- 1 Ea- BC-Range Entry- 3XFont
Label- 3 Each- Bar Code- 3XFon
Label- 3 Ea- Range- BC- 3XFont
Late Demand
Late Fee Posting Date/Time
Late Fees By Date Range
Late Films Invoice
Late Friendly
Late List with date limit
Late List
Late List Collections
Late List Condensed
Late Urgent
List films by Star
Low 40 Films
Movie List for Customer Handout
Negative Sale Inventory
Non-Tabular Receipt Totals Report
Number of Rentals and Revenue
Overdue Report
Payment Types By Date Range
Payment Types Today
Payment Types By Date Range
Payment Types By Date Range
Price Class & Format Cross Tab
Receipt Summary
Receipt Summary By Date Range
Rental Item Performance by Date
Rental Not Returned Notice
Rental Performance by date rented
Rentals By Genre Category
Rentals By Price Class
Rentals By Format
Rentrak Title List
Rentrak Transaction Reconciliation Summary
Rentrak Transaction Reconciliation Details
Rentrak Titles Out
Rentrak Title Lookup
Reservations By Title
Reservations By Customer
Reservations By Order Reserved
Revenue By Tax Category
Revenue By Tax Category
Sale File Listing
Sale Item List By UPC
Sale Item Summary For Open Receipts
Sale Item Reorder Report
Sale Listing Alpha
Sales & Profit by Date Range
Sales & Profit by Date Range
Sales Item Summary By Description Range
Sold Rental Items By Date Range
Split Perf Receipt
Standard Receipt Totals
Standard Code39 Bar-codes
State File Dump
Tax Summary By Date Range
Time Clock Hours By Date
Top 40 Films
Top Ten Films
Unrentable Films
Used Tapes Inventory
Verbose Category Count
Video Tapes Inventory