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Mr. Lee says: " KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER... "

The Photo ID system in Ultravideo is designed to be extremely easy to use. New clerks learn it fast, and customers aren't kept waiting.


  1. Select [New Picture]
  2. Select [Capture]
  3. Crop Head & Shoulders
  4. Done.

The result is instantly saved into UltraVideo. Pressing the keyboard down arrow lets you easily "flip" through your co-renter pictures. Never rent to the wrong account again. Having to ask a customer for ID is a thing of the past!

  • A 70 GB Hard disk can store up to 1.25 million pictures!
  • No file maintenance or re-naming of pictures required.
  • It's so fast and easy, the customer doesn't even have to know you did it.
  • Customers enjoy the Photo ID, especially compared to fingerprinting.
  • Children "Mug" for the camera. It's a natural for a video store.
  • Reduce late fee arguments by 70%. No "I didn't rent that" complaints.
  • Combine rating warnings and photo ID to eliminate under age rentals.
  • Down arrow on keyboard "flips" through CO-renter pictures.
  • Reduce wait times and long lines at check-out. Customer doesn't "fish" for their drivers license and doesn't get aggravated by having to produce ID.
  • Fraudulent use of accounts is eliminated! So is similar name confusion!
The "Logitech QuickCam is only $49.00 and easily connects to your USB port. UltraVideo calls the camera by name and uses it for imaging.*
* TECH-NOTE: Use Logitech, 3Com, Creative or Samsung Cameras. Intel and IBM cameras may not work properly. Test other brand names before throwing away receipt.