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* FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How much does UltraVideo cost?
A: See our updated pricing list.

Q: How long has UltraVideo Software been in business?
A: We sold our first program in 1985.

Q: Who are the people behind UltraVideo Software?
A: Bill Roman is the lead programmer, support contact, and owner; Ed Witherington is our software tester, programmer, and alternate support contact; JoAnn LeForte is our book keeper; and Anthony Wills does our sales and marketing.

Q: What kind of computer do I need?
A: In general, any new computer will do. Used computers should be capable of running Windows X{P / 7 or 8 efficiently. A Pentium IV class or better is perferable. When choosing a new computer, we have found that Windows 8 Professoinal is the best operating system. An internet connectionis desirable for support and updates, but is NOT required for day to day operations.

Q: Does UltraVideo provide POS computer systems?
Yes, we can purchase aand assemble complete POS systems or AIO (All In One) POS computers, pre-load and network for you, consult with you on your own purchase, or even advise your computer supplier as to needs and requirements.

Q: Do I need an Internet Connection?
A: No, but many of our customers will at least have their home connection available. That way, even though you may not need or want an Internet connection in your store, you can take adventage of downloads or training sessions we may provide. Additionally, if you need support for anything, we can log into your system and operate it as if we were there.

Q: What kind of printers should I have?
A: You will need a POS receipt printer. The Epson "TM-T88" is very popular and reasonably priced. For reports, get a Laser or Ink Jet printer.

Q: How does the Photo ID work?
A: UltraVideo has the easiest to use Photo ID ever! In fact, it's as easy as 123; New picture, Capture, & Crop. Thats it! When you click on the new picture button for either the main account holder or a corenter, you will see a moving video image from your camera. Press the 'capture' or 'transfer' button to freeze the image. You will then see a black outline, or 'crop box', which is usually centered around the head and shoulders of the subject. This can be adjusted if need be, but proper aiming of the camera makes that unnecessary. Press 'Enter' to save the picture, and it is automatically inserted into the customers' record.

Q: How do I access customer photos?
A: When you access a customer record, you will see the account holders picture. To see corenter pictures, you just press the 'down arrow' on your keyboard to 'flip' through the corenters. When you see the picture of the person standing in front of you, just press 'Enter' to select that corenter and begin a transaction with them.

Q: How do I keep my clerks from renting M rated games ot under age children?
A: UltraVideo can be set to either warn you or prevent the rental of rated materials based on the age of the renter or corenter. For example: if a 15 year old tries to rent a R rated movie or M rated game, a warning message will appear. You can give your clerks an option to override the warning, or force them to pick the parents picture before renting. Because you are identifying corenters by their picture, it is very difficult for a child to 'fool' you by lieing about their age, sweet talking a clerk, or trying to use someone elses account. In fact, several of our stores advertise: "We Enforce Ratings; Send Your Kids Here!"

Q: Should I enforce ratingts for movies and games?
A: That's up to you, for now...

Q: What about Red Box?