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  Easy to Use ~ Flexible
Four Systems In One
Rental Management
Integrated Credit Cards With Recall
POS / Check Out
Fast Food / Touch Sales

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Use in : General or Convenience Stores, Rettal Departments in a Super Market or Convenience Store, Fast Food Business or Department In a Supermarket, cell phone stores, liquor stores....

"Great for anyone who needs a rental capability, touch screen sales capability, needs to track customers, needs to integrate email with customer account balances o rinterface with another POS system (supermarkets)...


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Easy to Use ~ Flexable

UltraPOS is formerly known as UltraVideo has grown over the last 13+ years into one of the most flexable and scalable POS systems on the market.

UltraPOS has a clean user interface that can operate as a traditional POS, but with a very powerful customer element.

The back end offers expert management capabilities, and hundreds of report options.


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Diversify, Diversify, Diversify
Any MBA will tell you that the three most important words in business are: "Diversify, Diversify, Diversify!"
  • That's why Ultra POS isn't just your run-of-the mill POS program; It is a fully integrated POS Software Suite!
  • You can not only sell from tens of thousands of inventory items, but you can track tens of thousands of customers and rent to them by the day or month.
  • More than that, the UltraPOS Touch Menu lets you quickly take Pizza, Sandwich, or Coffee orders, while a "prep" ticket gets sent to a remote kitchen printer.
  • Everything is paid for on the same receipt in seconds!


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All In One (AIO) POS Computers
  • Sell / Rent / Fast Food Integraed POS and more.
  • Train New Clerks in 5 Minutes ~ Touch Screen Ready!
    Sales in 5 Seconds ~ Rent In 15 Seconds.
  • Rentrak Approved ~ Conversion Made Easy
  • Turn Key and All In One (AIO) Computer Systems
  • State Of The Art Programming
  • Industrial Quality - HIGH Performance Database
  • Quickly and Positively ID Customers
  • Flexible Options and over 200 Reports available.
  • Quality Performance and Reliability, Since 1985.

Ultravideo Customer Screen

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Detailed Rental Management.
  • Train new operators in less than 5 minutes.
  • Rent by the day or month. Up to 999 rental classes, 999 formats, and 999 genres.
  • Up to 10 customizable customer levels all with their own pricing structure, that can differ by day of the week.
  • Detailed statistics go back 99,999 receipts.
  • Access to over 100,000 items in milliseconds. Theoritical limit of 16 Million records per file.
  • Photo ID with up to 99 corenters per account with birthdays and photos.

Ultravideo Customer Screen

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Integrated Credit Cards With Recall
  • PCI Compliant Use and Storage of Credit Cards.
  • Hold Unlimited Credit Card Tokens Per Customer.
  • Clear Back Rental Accounts.
  • Will Not Slow Down! High Performance Database.
  • Touch Screen Ready. Restuarant Style Menu.
  • Easy To Understand Screens
  • Written in Visual C++ Programming Language.

POS Screen

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POS / Check Out.
  • Hundreds of tjhousands of sale items.
  • Pick by UPC code, internal code, or browser.
  • Operate in POS mode for walk in customers -or-
  • select a customer to record the transaction under that customer name, or combine rentals with sales.
  • Track sales statistics going back up to 99,999 receipts, plus YTD, This Month, and Lifetime.

Touch Menu Coffee

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Fast Food / Touch Sales
  • Category -> Sales Item -> Modifier
  • A category describes what kind of item.
  • A sales Item is the item being selected.
  • A Modifier is something to be added to the Item.
  • 18" Pizza -> Pepperoni Pizza -> Add Mushrooms
  • Works with anything from Liquor sales to Cell phone sales.
  • Prints PREP ticket on local or remote printer.
  • Save or transfer selection to POS screen.

Book Comic Module

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Book & Comic Store Module
  • Connects to the Ingram Book Co. Server.
  • Recieve and add inventory by scanning ISBN.
  • UltraPOS resolves title / author / price for you.
  • Download invoices from Diamond Comics.
  • Adds to your inventory from the invoice.
  • Resolves extended ISBN codes for release info.
  • Uses remote data collector to balance inventory.

Rentrak Approved System Vendor
  • See how easy Rentrak can be to use!
  • Expert technical support, for both novices and pros!
  • Quality data conversions fropm almost any legacy POS!!
  • Call 251-965-6085 and ask for Bill.


Featured Options:

  • On Line Credit Card Processing. PCI Compliant. ReCharge Overdue Fees!!!

  • On-Line Credit Card Processing Through X-Charge - 5 - 10 Second Approvals!
  • Audio Screen Reader Compatibility for Visually Impared Users!!!
  • Photo ID - Up to 99 Corenter images with Birthdate and Ratings Control!!!
  • One Full Year Technical Support AND Updates!!!
  • NEW: Touch Screen Fast Food Menu System - Sends Order To The Kitchen!!!
  • NEW: Book Store Inventory Management Integrated With INGRAM BOOKS!!!

POS Computer Systems

Our "best value" POS computers are available in 1, 2, and 3 terminal configurations. They feature Intel main boards and brand name peripherals.

UltraVideo is approved for use with Rentrak, the leader in video leasing. Increase your buying power with Rentrak.

Whit your purchase of UltraVideo, you may choose to receive multiuser merchant account software absolutely free. This software connects directly to UltraVideo payment procesing, so all you need is a $50.00 USB Swiper block, and THATS IT!
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