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Here is what some of our customers say about UltraVideo.


We have been using Ultra Video for the past 5 years. Bill has went through a lot with the two of us ;-) . So to us Bill is a very talented person, and also he is considered to be a friend. It doesn't get any better than that.
Feel free to write us anytime if you ever have any questions about Bill or the Top Notch Software :D

Lonnie & Theresa Meridith - Caveland Home Movies
Caveland, KY

Cameron Mix
After much seaching we finally found the program that does EVERYTHING we wanted in a rental application.
Thanks Bill! Even adapted the program to work with subscription service. We couldn't have done it without Ultravideo! Bravo!

UltraVideo Rocks!

Byron and Kim Hatch
The Movie Library
Watervliet, MI

We decided to go with UltraVideo after considering other options and the value of 20 plus years of history in an existing UltraVideo DOS System. The technical support was fantastic. I was guided through fixing issues with my 2 systems with patience, expertise and understanding.
The photo functionality has driven customer fraud out of our business. It has given us the ability to visually ID and greet customers as they come in, giving them the feeling of service of a five star hotel. The camera doubles as a suplemental security system recording customers as needed, very handy when they get a little rowdy.
As a software designer myself, I have a great deal of respect for the time, effort and energy that has gone into the development of UltraVideo. The years of experience shows in the easy functionality and multiple features, as well as the constant process improvement. We would highly recommend UltraVideo to anyone!

Argo Video

If you're looking for Video store software, you are at the right place!!!
We have just changed over from someone else's DOS based POS to Ultravideo.
It is easier and does so much more. Installation and change over went very smooth
And Bill is very knowledgeable and understands what the video stores everyday needs are. Don't hesitate to e-mail us if you have any questions regarding our change over.
The photo ID is great and so easy to use. The local P.D. loves having the photo ID database !!! If you have to send someone after your movies it's so nice to send a picture of the renter with them.

Thank You For UltraVideo

Liz & Mile Pabone
Port St. Joe, FL

Hollywood Video & Pizza, BayouLaBatre,AL

I've been using ULTRA VIDEO since 1987. I have looked at other programs and there is no other program with the ease of use as this one. I have just joined RENTRAK and that has been working great! I highly recommend this software. Anytime that I have had need to call for a question they have always answered. Anyone can call me if they have a question about this software or Rentrak. Russell @ 251-824-7361
Russell & Delores Williams

Chris Montooth

I have been a customer using the UltraVideo Software since 8/1/90. I upgraded from the DOS version to the windows version back in 1999 and that was the smartest investment I have made in this business. It is versitle and can do way more things than the DOS program. It has made my job as a end user alot easier. I have worked with Bill for almost 15 years and if I had a computer problem, he would take the time to help me solve the problem.

Great service and great program! A must to buy. I am very pleased and recommend this to every video store owner!

Rebecca Loretz

Red Carpet Video
Bedford, NH


When I needed a POS rental software to interface with Intelliflix, Ultravideo was the best value.
Database conversion from my old POS system to the new UV software was handled professionally and in a timely manner.
Special thanks to Bill Roman for his help in the conversion and online support.
Mark E Lehman
Main Street Movies

Jersey Shore, Pa (not NJ)
Bill is great. UltraVideo software works very easily. My 11 year old uses it and my 13 year old has mastered it.

Bill, is that piture of you current? You sound much older, I mean mature over the phone.

Susan at Video Barn

Lutz, Florida
Owners AND staff at Video Barn LOVE Ultravideo software!
Damon Collins

Gulf Shores AL
We have been using Ultravideo in our locations for over 20 years. We invite you to stop be and see it in action. Very flexible software for a wide variety of applications.