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Browsers, Browsers, & More Browsers!

NOTE: This page contains large graphic files and may take a while to finish loading.

Browsers are a powerful feature of UltraVideo. There are many ways to lookup, re-sort, and display all kinds of information. Take a look below at some examples:


The film stock list is a quick reference to rental inventory. It allows you to search by title or code and tells basic information about the item and weather it is checked in or out. On the receipt screen, you can press enter to select the item, select details to see a performance breakdown or access the edit screen to change information.


The films out browser is a powerful tool for the status of items checked out. Also see how many items are due today to help schedule employees needed, and list overdue items at a glance. You can print the contents of the browser by selecting the report button.


Films checked in today allows you to do a quick lookup of which items have been returned. Also sort by Customer, Title, or Code number.


The sale item browser gives quick reference to items in stock and price. You can also access the entry and restock screen from here.


Looking up customers has never been easier! Just press [Enter] at the main menu to access this browser. Customers can not only be sorted by name, but also by account number, phone number, license, or even street address.


This is a report selection browser for rental items. UltraVideo has over 100 reports to choose from! A description of each report is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Highlight and press the [Report] button to display it.


Some reports allow you to narrow down what you are looking for. Here is a list of all DVD format items in stock. You can look at the browser contents, or print the report.


Here is a list of sale items. Reorder information is displayed if inventory levels are below the desired amount.


The Billing browser shown is all customers that owe between $20.00 and $100.00. If we print this report a friendly reminder invoice will print for each customer that folds conveniently into a #9 windowed envelope.


Some browsers have very powerful features built in. This one allows you to change price classes, formats, or categories by showing all the relevant information needed to make a decision.