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Support Policy

Description of support options

Our primary interest is to insure our customers are up and running efficiently with all their questions about program operations answered. We support our customers on a "Do Unto Others..." basis. This means that we treat you the way we would expect a mission critical software company to treat us. For example, we DO NOT employ software or hardware locks that will shut down your program if you don't buy a support agreement. In an emergency such as a down system, we DO NOT deny service if a support agreement is not currently in place. With certain exceptions (see below) we DO help you if you are having computer hardware or operating system problems. We WILL help you identify and remove viruses or mal ware (see below). We DO have unlimited outgoing long distance, so you will not even have to pay for the phone call. We WILL solve your problem on weekends or evenings at no extra charge. We WILL solve your problem first and worry about support billing later, so your clerks will be up and running without first having to make a payment.

After the first year, support on Windows software products is billed at $300.00 per year, per store and include the following:

  1. All support calls.
  2. All software updates, major and minor (except third party products).
  3. Occasional custom reports (see below).
  4. Software training and consultation .
  5. Hardware, network, OS, and virus consultation (see below).
  6. After hours, holiday, and weekend support (see below).

Exceptions to the service agreement are as follows:

  • While it is our policy to help in any way we can, we do not actually warranty hardware, operating systems, or viruses and mal ware removal.
  • It is ultimately your responsiblity to have known quality back-ups and reasonable virus protection in place.
  • Operators placing service calls should have a basic working knowledge of how to operate the computer and Windows operating system.
  • Custom reports are free at our discretion and limited in quantity.
  • Service calls are answered in the order received, so response times may vary. Weekend, holiday, and evening support is provided at our discretion. If we do not immediately answer your call, you must leave a message to have your call returned.
  • To receive major updates free of charge, service accounts must be continously maintained.

Non Service Agreement Policy: If you do not have a service agreement and require immediate help. your problem will be solved first and them billed at the following rates. Outstanding balances from previous calls may have service denied at our discretion.

  • Service calls - $75.00 per hour, one hour minimum.
  • Off hours support calls - $125.00 per hour, one hour minimum.
  • Minor updates - $245.00 each.
  • Major Updates - Price varies.

Custom Programming:

  • Custom programming rCustom programsit. -$75.00 per hour
  • Custom Reports - $50.00 per hour.
  • Consultation - $50.00 per hour.

Minimum Computer Requirements

  • Pentuim, AMD, Celeron or better x86 family of computers.
  • 900 Mhz Clock Speed or Better
  • 40 GB Hard Disk Drive or Better.
  • 256 MB RAM or better
  • Reccomend Pentium 4 or better with 512RAM.
  • Windows XP or later.

UltraVideo for DOS Support Policy:

  1. 100% of the current retail price of UltraVideo for DOS may be applied toward an upgrade to UltraVideo for Windows.
  2. Support provided for first 90 days, $150.00 per year thereafter.
  3. No future upgrades or modification available.